Classification of Neck Mounted Bluetooth Headsets

August 05,2022

Neck-mounted Bluetooth headset can be divided into the hard collar and soft collar according to different collar materials.


What Kind of Earphones Do You Choose to do Less Damage to Your Ears?

July 22,2022

Wearing headphones for a long time will also cause discomfort in all aspects of the ear. First of all, because of the material and shape of the headphones, wearing headphones for a long time will cause people to feel slight discomfort.


Features of Sports Headphones

July 09,2022

Sports headphones have their special positioning, and in addition to the sound quality can not be too poor, more important is the shape design. Sports headphones need the following features:


Top 5 Benefits of Wireless Earphones

June 28,2022

Today's manufacturers are finding innovative ways to combine technology with comfort. No wonder, everything is going wireless. Devices such as game controllers and headsets are now transitioning to going completely wireless. And it's not hard to see why.


What should I Pay Attention to when Choosing a True Wireless Noise Reduction Headset?

June 15,2022

With the full popularization of noise reduction function in the real wireless headset market, Earphones with a price range of hundreds to thousands of yuan have noise reduction function. There are so many noise reduction earphones. Do you know how to choose them? What parameters should be considered when selecting headphones?


Choosing a Real Wireless Headset is Better than Wearing it Comfortably

May 18,2022

SBC is the most common coding, which is supported by all Bluetooth headsets, with average sound quality; AAC is a common coding method for Apple products, and the sound quality is slightly better than SBC; Apt-X HD has higher transmission efficiency than traditional Bluetooth coding, less distortion of sound and richer details; LDAC is a Bluetooth transmission technology developed by Sony, which can transmit three times the data of ordinary Bluetooth, and the music is close to lossless quality. It should be noted that Apple products currently do not support apt-X HD, LDAC, etc.


Different Noise Cancellation Technologies You Should Know

May 05,2022

Noise cancellation function is important for headphones, one is to reduce noise and avoid over-amplification of volume, thus reducing damage to the ear. The second is to filter the noise thus improving the sound quality and call quality.


Advantages of Neck Hanging Bluetooth Headset

April 24,2022

If you are worried that the headset is not easy to carry and store, and worry that the real wireless headset is easy to be accidentally lost, then the neck hanging Bluetooth headset will be a good choice for you.


The Development Trend of ANC Bluetooth Earphones

April 14,2022

With the development of the economy and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, ANC Bluetooth earphones will get more applications. If you want to buy high-quality ANC Bluetooth earphones, welcome to contact us.


Some Information About Bluetooth Earphone TWS

April 14,2022

If you want to buy Bluetooth earphones TWS, welcome to contact us. As a professional manufacturer of Bluetooth earphones TWS, we will provide you with the best products and excellent service.